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Название песни: Eminem

Исполнитель: Eminem

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I wasn't born mean
I was pushed to treachery
I walk the streets
Looking for some puss to fetch me
I'm like a veggie
Brain is turned to mush I'm edgy
Edgy enough to give Reggie Bush a wedgie
If he don’t give me Kim things could get messy
So pass that ass to me let me squash the left cheek
Then press against the right one till it smushed against me

Leave the dead bodies in the woods/ the MC
with the Christopher Reeves beef
We started off on the wrong foot
Or should I say fake leg made out of wood
I shouldn’t/ yes I should

Riding through the hood
I'm chilling with Westwood

I’m quite mellow
A white fellow
My pee is bright yellow
I like jell-o
I’m like hello
To a cute little dike on the mic
I’m kinda like

Verse 2 - Kon Artis
See I’m the first one to class and the last to leave
I mean the first one to leave out of class, believe
That I’m a mailbox pimp and my hearts lot die
Even when I through it off the ashes fry
When from an ashy guy
Class clown as high
To a grown ass man second ….
Rynen aves the click, D12s the game
We been spitting this ** since we were little babes
Gaga gugu nana, dada dodo never
Working my homeboy Em I’m just too too clever
A 4-5 shotta leave the n**a face lopsided
The kick from the barrel make you think I’m cockeyed it
When I bust it off in the crowed n**as start diving
Great looking broad over the bar I aint lying
Hot iron lethal not to … soldier
Rynyan ave soldier equal death when its over
Its none colder then n**as then under strain of stuggle
Hire street muscle
We been had the hustle x2
We been had the muscle x2
Verse 3 - Eminem
Me and Westwood blasting off
Jacking off in a pair of acid wash bumping Asher Roth
Cruising grassed till I damn near crash the car
Trying to smash em off on the dash
Hit the overpass went off
Over the bridge on to oncoming traffic
Cause a massive 42 car pileup
Not a scratch at all
Hopped up holding a axe and saw
Jason mask is off and my face is plastered in tobasco sauce
Spitting flames kicking fire out your ass you little b***
You can pass it on of battery acid dawg
You don’t wanna get my ass ticked off
I’m harder then playing basketball when I’m going through crack withdrawal
Dick so big it’s like elastic
I tie in a knot and it looks like Mr. Fantastic
Cross the path of plasticman with a drastic force ****
Put my penis on plastic sports
Verse 4 – Eminem
Yeah, yeah
Once again it's the sinister cynical minister Shady
Kryptonite to Superman he's a Denis to Amy
Administer of the pain
Just finished huffing the paint and muffler the fumes
Like it was nothing because it ain't
Anything in his way
His enemies he just slays
His venom he spray
Reaches like beams of energy rays
Menacing stance
He plans making the hairs all on the back of your neck stand
Like Dracula yep
Spectacular rep he's a tarantula
Gargantuan yeah Angela
So I command you to start dancing
Part Manson part Hannibal
Part mechanical shark throwing
Animal parts at Scarlett Johannson
Enter my gas chamber
You gangster? my ass
He's got his fangs to your neck
He's set to strangle your ass hater
You’re facing a task greater
He's chasing your ass
He's got his face in a mask
And blood stains on his glass table

I'm checking the exposure of photos and me exposing
Myself locked inside of a cozy hotel posing
With or without clothing
Next to the decomposing
Bodies eroding while I'm dosing off
Windows opening shutting
Doors opening closing
I think there's a ghost
Too much hydrocodone and codeine
I was only supposed to swallow half
I took the whole thing
I'm not joking
I think I just snorted my nose ring
I need a drink I'm standing over the sink hosing
Myself self loathing cause I'm on the brink mostly

Westwood - *EXCLUSIVE* Eminem freestyle Radio 1
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