Rick Ross - Rick Ross

Название песни: Rick Ross

Исполнитель: Rick Ross

Продолжительность mp3: 10:12


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Текст песни:

Intro: Rick Ross
I smell pussy on these niggas man
C'mon nig, lets do it

Bridge: Rick Ross
I try to let you pussy niggas eat
It's time to put your pussy boys to sleep
Pussy niggas always wanna talk
I'm busy getting pussy like a fucking boss

Verse 1: Rick Ross
I smell a pussy from a block away
Lets shoot them pussies from a block away
They wanna see a nigga in a cage
Baby mama garnishing a nigga wage
I just went and got the Chevy sprayed
Pussy nigga wanna scratch a nigga paint
Pussy nigga wanna see you fall
Just know to bring them choppers when you see me call
I tried to let them pussy niggas eat
It's time to make you pussy boys extinct
I took a quarter Key to Polk county
All my central Florida nigga straight 'bout it
Broke down the brick I'm back in Bartow
Belle Glade box Chevy on my car phone
J-Ville I went and bought a condo
Back to the crib where I get it by the car load

Hook: Rick Ross
I started with a box Chevy
Then I got the blue Lexus
My bitch stay down with me
So now she got the new Lexus

Verse 2: Rick Ross
I went and got my bitch her very own salon
Get her hair do everyday do the fuck she want
I started in a box Chevy
Now my watch a buck eighty
I heard the same pussy niggas hatin'
The killers comin stay patient
I made a killing milkin Okeechobee
I'm talkin millions with that okey dokey
Pop a molly now that bitch sweatin'
Or is it just a nigga necklace?
I tried to let you pussy niggas eat
I pray that all you pussy boys decease




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2014-08-31 olga 10 2365
Вухахашенька) Жанр: НФ, вероятно юмор (вероятно, да-с) Размер: свободный Сроки: предположительно, в нашу эру) Авторам волшебного вдохновенного пенделя :)...
2014-08-31 aleksand 59 1773
Тема: Ассоциации. Жанр: Любой. Объем: 6-8 листов формата А4, шрифт Times New Roman, 12 кегель. Срок: 2-3 недели. Дополнительные условия: - Обязательное: должно присутствовать и...