Harmony of Nature - Nemo Ante Mortem Beatus

Название песни: Harmony of Nature

Исполнитель: Nemo Ante Mortem Beatus

Продолжительность mp3: 04:20


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Текст песни:

Sun is opening eyes over horizon
It‘s abording cobwebs by glitter of pearls.
In tops of trees is sonnding messengers
melody of romantic tones.

Powerfull man servant of nights, cool is
turning into misty haze.
Behind his pall is opening world of
beauty and silence

There‘s sounding just wind and quite
step of animals.
Futality of things and the void of world
Is overshadowed by harmony of nature.

Between monotonous verdure of confiterous
And grey of rocks.
Rapid and falls are springling white foam
And conjuring limpid pools

Under booming hootsof wind, wood gets thing
Low twisted trees are standing here
As a witnesses of harsh fight with elements
Fatality of thing and void of world

Is overshadoved by harmony of nature.
Hurry up over frontiers of neverending jungle
Grey and gigantic ruins.
Break dark cover above rest of nature

There harmony is slowly fadding out.

Nemo Ante Mortem Beatus - Sand And Desert
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2014-08-31 olga 10 2905
Вухахашенька) Жанр: НФ, вероятно юмор (вероятно, да-с) Размер: свободный Сроки: предположительно, в нашу эру) Авторам волшебного вдохновенного пенделя :)...
2014-08-31 aleksand 59 2297
Тема: Ассоциации. Жанр: Любой. Объем: 6-8 листов формата А4, шрифт Times New Roman, 12 кегель. Срок: 2-3 недели. Дополнительные условия: - Обязательное: должно присутствовать и...