Against The Odds - Romantic Avenue feat. Heaven42

Название песни: Against The Odds

Исполнитель: Romantic Avenue feat. Heaven42

Продолжительность mp3: 06:09


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Текст песни:

Heroes of the past made the future
Put your will to test, no illusion
Time is on your side
You have to follow your dreams
Life can be so hard, but no wonder
Deep down in your heart, there's a thunder
Baby it's your time, this is your chance
Follow all your dreams tonight.

Against the odds
Oh , you must fight
Just have no fear, you will survive
Against the odds
Against the wind
Now it's your time
Fulfill your dreams
And fight against the odds
And fight against the wind
And fight against the odds
Baby, time is on your side
Just fight against the odds.

Feeling down again, not the only
Need a helping hand? they said: call me!
Friends are hard to find
Sometimes you're lonely and blue
Better walk alone through the fire
Guided by your hope and desire
Baby it's your time, this is your chance
Follow all your dreams tonight

Romantic Avenue feat Heaven 42 - Against The Odds (Extended)
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2014-08-31 olga 10 2595
Вухахашенька) Жанр: НФ, вероятно юмор (вероятно, да-с) Размер: свободный Сроки: предположительно, в нашу эру) Авторам волшебного вдохновенного пенделя :)...
2014-08-31 aleksand 59 1954
Тема: Ассоциации. Жанр: Любой. Объем: 6-8 листов формата А4, шрифт Times New Roman, 12 кегель. Срок: 2-3 недели. Дополнительные условия: - Обязательное: должно присутствовать и...